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Posey: The Last Indian War Steve Lacy

Posey: The Last Indian War

Steve Lacy

Published March 20th 2007
ISBN : 9781423601104
208 pages
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 About the Book 

When I was a young girl my family owned an Album by Utah Folk Singer Stan Bronson. He wrote and sang songs about life in the Four Corners area. One of my favorite songs was one about Posey a renegade Paiute and his bride Toorah. At the end of this ballad Posey is shot, he takes a rather rugged trail into the mountains and hides until he dies. As he passes from this life he hears his Toorah call his name. I loved this song because of the romantic story between Posey and his Bride. It also helped that this story takes place in my native state of Utah. (A Jeep Safari is available to ride Poseys trail and see the place where the famous Paiute died)My father-in-law was reading this book about Posey one day at his house so I asked him if I could borrow it. I must say that the life of William Posey was not near as romantic as the ballad, but it was interesting to read the factual accounts, newspaper clippings and look at the pictures. It was a lot different than my young girl romantic mind imagined. Apparently the war with Posey was the last one fought in this area. During this last disagreement that Posey had with the settlers in Southern Utah he was shot in the buttocks, gangrene set in and thats what he died of. Some of the riders from the Posse were sent out to make sure Posey was really dead. They found him and buried him out there on the hillside. I found the book quite interesting.