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Upside-Down Freedom Taylor Field

Upside-Down Freedom

Taylor Field

Published May 7th 2013
Kindle Edition
192 pages
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 About the Book 

If you want to reshift your thinking on discipleship, Upside-Down Freedom can give you just the fuel you need for your journey. For more than 25 years, author Taylor Field has served among people who deal with grueling issues of recovery and reveal courageous journeys to freedom. Their life-changing journeys were a result of inverted thinking.Field’s insightful perspective in Upside-Down Freedom, closely looking at forms of personal bondage, reveals that the way to release yourself from the things that hold you captive can be counterintuitive. Using practical scriptural principles, the inspiring lives of unexpected freedom fighters, including ordinary people from the streets of the Lower East Side, you can find an alternative route to freedom, one so old our own society seems to have forgotten it.