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Coffee - From Roast To The Ideal Cup Rudy Reteig

Coffee - From Roast To The Ideal Cup

Rudy Reteig

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

This book is a description of the processes of Roasting, Grinding and Brewing coffee on a small scale in the home.In the introduction the major coffee species and varieties are described, with their typical characteristics and help to make a choice in buying the green coffee.In the description of the three processes involved a choice of attributes is suggested.An effort was made to explain the various grinding tools and brewing methods, although it would be impossible to describe all the variations used in the entire world.The author made some remarks about roasting process, according to his own experience and cautions against some extreme practices.Although some tools are very sophisticated, the suggestion to use budget equipment, perfectly capable of doing the job is made.In all processes the reader is left with the choice of his own and is encouraged to experiment with blends of green coffee, roasting, grinding and brewing on his own.An important aspect is to log all the steps to eventually being able to repeat a successful end result. This end result will be the ideal cup.Hints are given to achieve that goal.