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the Mission Rod Martin

the Mission

Rod Martin

Published April 1st 2012
Kindle Edition
278 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dorian Rodan, a contractor and spelunker, has a bizarre dream of being involved in a strange mission involving assisting a star system in trouble. He awakens to find himself in the dark, the only sound being running water. And he has amnesia. Slowly grasping at shreds of physical memories, he is able to reconstruct the spelunking expedition that found him trapped in an underground river, buffeted through rocky chasms, and eventually disgorged in what appeared to be a large chamber far underground.There are a few provisions in his backpack which - thankfully! - survived the watery roller coaster ride into hell. He is able to eat and try to recall more of his memories leading him to this dilemma. After regaining enough strength, he explores the chamber to find a spaceship parked in the chamber and the intelligence system on board has been waiting for him. Not just to awaken, but to return to the mission they had been working on some 1.5 million years before.And he thought he only had an amnesia problem!Utilizing the onboard computer system, Bima, he is able to extricate himself from the cavern and locate his scattered crewmembers, bring them back up-to-speed, and get back on the mission for which he was sent here in the first place.